Monday, September 24, 2012
Impromtu decision to head down to CMB! In specs cos I had minimal makeup on that day. So happy cos I rly love to sing even tho I'm quite bad at it, ha ha ha. 

Went over to find J a little while. Missed this girl so much! Oh, and I was asking her where she got her dreamcatcher naval ring (which she posted on her instagram) and she asked me if I wanted it & she'd giveit to me since she bought extra as well. WHY SO SWEET? Awww, x

Headed to Soul, again. Always really happy to be there.
Even though this time some of them commented that I gained weight :(

Been watching my diet very closely recently, if you're following me on instagram you should've realised I stopped posting photos of food... I love food and I used to never be able to say no to food but... Oh well, no pain no gain. It's damn upsetting to have to say no to my fav food :'( PERSERVERE ANGELINE, PERSERVERE!

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Was about to prepare to head to Filter when I receieved a text from R asking if I wanted to watch 'Ted'. Decided to give Filter a miss and headed down to meet him & I'm really glad I did! It was such a funny movie, no regrets at all. 

Over to Soul after the movie, and boy do I miss that place. Really wanted to cry when I saw all my old colleagues. Probably the only place I've ever worked at that I'm so damn attached to. Love love! Sadly, so many things have changed around the place :(

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Monday blues

I don't always have Monday blues, but when I do it's just... POOF. Everything just comes at me at one shot.
Had a really bad start to my Monday this morning.

I woke up really really late for work today & while rushing I dropped my phone and my screen cracked, AGAIN. FOR THE 6TH TIME. I know I know, I'm clumsy like that... Sigh :(

Forgot to take my waterbottle & snacks to work and rushed out of the house hoping I wouldn't miss the company's transport & well, you guessed it. I missed it.
And just when I thought things couldn't get any more worse... When I alighted the bus on the way home, the wind was so strong MY SKIRT FLEW UP. 
Hope y'all had a good Monday tho. 


Thursday, September 20, 2012
Puitening meaning fattening, in her language. 
Yup. That's my mum for you.
Been so lazy to slap on makeup recently so... finally some decent photos of myself.

Took half a day leave to head to the hospital on Wed. Thank God everything's fine *wipe sweat*
Had Manhattan Fish Market for lunch! Been eating too much sinful food recently & I feel so so so guilty :( Sigh. Even mum thinks I've gained weight. Time to cut down!
Very fail outfit shot but oh well...

 "What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it is supposed to be."
Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Someone like you

Monday, September 17, 2012
New York New York
Stumbled upon this shop selling DIY cupcakes while we were shopping & decided to give it a try!

 @ Food For Thought
Seeing this picture right now is making me hungry all over again :(
I was so happy  to see her even though it was only for a short while.


Insecure; insignificant.
Changi airport with the colleagues! Finally, some good food for lunch. 
Breeks was having a 1 for 1 deal & we only paid like 7$/ person?!
Baby Olivia!  
No idea why, but I was really happy that day. 
+ it was the first time I was ever late for work! Oopsie.


1. Very failed curls with my new hairstyle for work :(
2. Mochi from Mochi Sweets
3. Cha Shu Ramen from Champion Ramen