Monday, September 24, 2012
Impromtu decision to head down to CMB! In specs cos I had minimal makeup on that day. So happy cos I rly love to sing even tho I'm quite bad at it, ha ha ha. 

Went over to find J a little while. Missed this girl so much! Oh, and I was asking her where she got her dreamcatcher naval ring (which she posted on her instagram) and she asked me if I wanted it & she'd giveit to me since she bought extra as well. WHY SO SWEET? Awww, x

Headed to Soul, again. Always really happy to be there.
Even though this time some of them commented that I gained weight :(

Been watching my diet very closely recently, if you're following me on instagram you should've realised I stopped posting photos of food... I love food and I used to never be able to say no to food but... Oh well, no pain no gain. It's damn upsetting to have to say no to my fav food :'( PERSERVERE ANGELINE, PERSERVERE!

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