Teacher Leaves Family for Student

Saturday, September 1, 2012
Chanced upon this video while I was browsing in youtube and I cannot express how disgusted I am. Not only are they 23 years apart, he has a wife & 3 kids. He has a daughter who is just a year younger than her and they study in the same school! What kind of a sick relationship is this?!
Quoted from the description in youtube, "Does love really conquer all? James, 41, made headlines when he quit his job and left his wife and three children to pursue a relationship with his 18-year-old former student, Jordan. The couple says they're not breaking any laws, want to set the record straight with Dr. Phil, and want Jordan's mother, Tammie, to stop her Facebook "smear campaign" against them. In a national exclusive, Tammie confronts James for the first time on Dr. Phil's stage."
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