Zip up

Monday, September 3, 2012
In the office now feeling really restless & moody. Monday blues, I reckon.

Suddenly recalling what happened this morning... Goodness, I am so embarrased.
I woke up slightly later for work today, forgot to zip up my dress & left the house.
Travelled all the way to the mrt station from my place, not knowing that I had forgotten to zip up.
I was standing at the busstop & waiting for my bus, happy that I was on time, with my earpiece on.
Someone tapped me on the shoulder, I was apalled since it wasn't a familiar face.
"Eh, you never zip your dress. You want me to zip for you?"
The worst thing was, I looked up and saw an entire group of male colleagues staring right back at me.
At that very moment, I wished so badly I could dig a hole to hide my face in it.

Probably the most embarrasing thing that has ever happened to me :'(
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