Monday, December 10, 2012
Two weeks ago, I finally hit the big 2. I've always thought that hitting the big two would be really scary, but I guess it's not as bad as I thought. 

I don't usually plan / celebrate my birthday. The only plans I have are simple meals with my family & good friends, that itself is enough to suffice for me. But every single year, since I was 13, my friends would always make plans/ plan surprises for me. I've never ever had to worry about staying home or being alone on my birthday (Even if I wanted to, they wouldn't let me). This year was no exception, and every year my friends make me feel even more special & happy then the year before.

My birthday celebrations lasted for over a week, continously. The surprises started coming in a couple of days before my birthday, and boy, I was really caught off guard! From surprises, to presents, to meals, to movie dates & red packets. Even all those who made the effort to specially come down just to wish me happy birthday, because I was having exams on my birthday & didn't want to go out. 

I'm the most tempermental person ever, I throw tantrums all the time. I hate it when people ask too many questions, and I get irritated way too easily. I'm not the most caring person, and I get distracted half the time when people are talking to me but I'm so thankful for every single one who has stuck by me.

Wanted to upload all the pictures initially but when I uploaded everything to the lappie all the pictures came out tiny :( So I'll just have to make do with all my instagram pictures. (If you're following me you'd have already seen all the pictures) 

Pictures in random order cos I'm lazy to organize them all, hehe :3
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Dress: Guess
Accessories: Hermes, Chanel
Shoes: Steve Madden
Bag: Chanel
Dress: Tracyeinny
Accessories: Guess, Chanel
Bag: Chanel 
Shoes: Christian Louboutin

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