Zoukout 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012
I had no plans whatsoever to head to zoukout this year until I received a call from my friend at 11:00 last Friday(7 Dec)
and our conversation went like this,

"Hello? Where are you now?"
"I'm at home, why?"
"Go and prepare now, I'll come and pick you up in 5mins."
"We are going to zoukout!!!"

Wasn't really sure if I wanted to go, so I decided to call my other friends and asked if they were keen on going
and within less than an hour, we all found ourselves at Zoukout Day 1... Talk about impromptu? Ha ha ha.
 Really love how spontaneous all my friends are.
And since we had free villa stay & VIP passes for day 2, we decided to go as well.
I'm really glad I did cos I had a blast! 

Again, pictures from instagram.
And grabbed from facebook cos I've no idea how to upload pictures from my phone to the lappie without it being corrupted.
Anybody has any idea how to upload pictures from Note 2 to the lappie properly? Please let me know! :(
Thank you in advance! xx

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