2013 - New Year

Wednesday, January 9, 2013
It's already the 9th day of 2013, I can't believe a week flew pass just like that. It's as though we were still counting down to 2013 just yesterday.

This year, I decided not to party on New year's eve cos it was so crowded even on the roads at only 7PM. I was so frustrated I cancelled all my party plans and instead, headed to Kimkai's place for mj. But we ended up playing wii instead. Which was so much more fun?! No regrets! 
Baby Deleon! He's sucha cutie pie, I swear. Awww~

1st of January is also my bff, Jiemin's birthday. We decided to surprise her but I ruined it cos I was 2 hours late... as usual :( Damn. Old habits die hard. 
The only person I trust with all my deepest darkest secrets, who listens to my pointless drama over and over again. Who cries when she sees me cry, who's always there for me regardless. Even though we no longer live together, please know that you're always in my heart & mind. All the time. Love you more than words can say. Happy belated blessed birthday babygirl! xx

Even though this year's new year was so much more simple then expected, I'm glad I got to celebrate it with the people I love. And that's all that matters.

Hope it's not too late to wish y'all a very very happy new year!

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