Christmas celebrations 2012

Thursday, January 3, 2013
Every year during Christmas my family & relatives would plan gatherings for us to catch up & exchange presents. No doubt Christmas is one of my favourite occasions (who doesn't like receving gifts anyway?). This year was no different, I had plans laid out for me all week with my friends & family.

A couple of days before Christmas we headed over to Jiahao's place for a mini gathering...
My very comfy outfit since we were gna be staying in... Hehe ^^
It's like a Christmas "tradition" to have gifts exchanged every year, so of course everyone came with a gift!
We decided on having potluck so it would be fair for everyone. I was surprised that everyone really put in the effort and everything was homemade!  
And what everyone had been anticipating for...
Finally, we drew lots to pick out our presents! I decided to be a pain in the ass and wrapped my presents up with my layers of newspaper. Can you guess who got my presents? Hehehe.

There were body washes, pillows, sweets, cigarettes, mugs, bras, slippers, piggybanks, and even toilet brushes.
No prizes for guessing what I got. *smirk*

Yong Li received a hellokitty toy and you absolutely cannot imagine how happy I was when he gave it to me!!! Wanted to give him my present in exchange for it but he refused. Happy girl is happy. Tee hee! Thank you, Yong Li!!!
Vinnette :)

Spent the rest of the night talking/gambling/singing & just chillin'.
Wish some of them weren't working the next day so they could stay longer :( Nonetheless, I had fun!

Spent the morning of Christmas eve with my papa cos I rarely get to see him. My parents decided to accompany me to shop for last minute Christmas gifts & we headed over to one of my aunt's place. Left shortly after cos I had a gathering with the Wong's. 
Other than Christmas, 25 Dec is also my granny's birthday. 
She's already 70+ 80, but she still looks so young! I was shocked when she reminded me how old she was. Always remembered her as 50+. Ha ha ha. 

Happy belated birthday, Grandma! :*

Headed over to one of my relatives place before making my way down to Pasir Ris for JJ's birthday celebration.
Happy belated birthday, JJ! :)
Was so happy I finally got to catch up with them. 
Part of my presents this year. Didn't have a chance to take a picture of the rest cos I was so excited to tear them open I forgot to snap a photo of them first. Oopsie!

// The phone is being a bitch again so I can't upload pictures from the other days. Guess this will suffice for now.

Hope y'all had an awesome Christmas & a happy new year! ^^
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