Happy Saturday

Monday, January 28, 2013
Was supposed to meetup with the ex classmates for paintball last Saturday, but due to personal reasons I couldn't play :( So saaaaaad!!! Decided to meet them for dinner instead, and I was late... AGAIN. Despite me telling them to go ahead and order first, they insisted on waiting for me which made me feel 10x more guilty then I alr was!
So happy to see them! :)
Didn't feel like eating much so I had salad. Been eating waaaay too much recently. Time to watch my diet! Ugh.

Wish I could spend more time with them, but I had to rush off right after my meal as I was heading to town with KK to meet beebs.
Thank you ^^
Bumped into R too! 

Clay went to catch a movie with his friends & I headed over to Embassy to meet up with the girls! Finally~~~ 
Every once in awhile, we make it a point to meet up to catch up with one another's lives. Most of them are mums now & had work commitments/other chores the next day thus, couldn't join us :(
Still can't believe we've all known each other for so long~
I think I look really weird in all the photos cos I was late I only drew eyeliner on & forgetful me forgot to bring my makeup pouch out :(
Also been pretty lazy to put on make up lately, what's happening to me?
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