Reunion dinner; Spring Court Restaurant

Friday, March 8, 2013
I'm not very good at describing things, but we booked a private room with karaoke system to dine in (just like every other year). I'm not very sure what it's called... 

The room we booked looks something like that, but slightly bigger which was comfortable enough to hold all of us.
(Picture taken from the official website.)
Didn't take alot of pictures of the food cos all of us were so busy eating. 
The food was so-so though, nothing special but not bad as well.
Seen quite a number of good reviews for the crabs though. Sadly, we didn't have it that day :(

& here, meet half my dad's side of the family~! :)
No idea why my eyes are all half closed in all the pictures, but anyway, check out my entire family's faces, we all look  ---->  -.-  Typical asian is typical. Hahaha.

If anyone is interested to go there; 
Spring Court Restaurant 
52 Upper Cross Street 
Tel: 64495030 Fax: 65356609

Headed over to Marco's birthday after that, no pictures cos the birthday boy was already dead drunk by the time we reached the place. And over to Embassy after. 
Met up with one of my favourite Thai girls back when I was working with them. I think she's one of the most genuine ones I've met whilst working in that line. Not to add, pretty too!

TGIF! xo
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