Rachael's 21st

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
So... two weeks ago, we celebrated my cousin's 21st birthday in advance at her place.
This entire month has been filled with my friends 21st birthday celebrations, I, honestly am not looking forward to turn 21 at all. To me, being 21 is... becoming an adult & being prepared to take on more responsibilities. Does anyone else think like that, or is it just me?

Anyway, back to Rachael's birthday celebration. I actually went to her place earlier that day to help her get prepared for the night. (Although I was late............ HEHEHE SORRY DARLIN')
Picture abv from my instagram.
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In case y'all are curious, I ordered her cake from Jessica of Shiberty Sweets

Spent the rest of the night Mj-ing till the sun came up. Was so dead tired after that I comatosed the moment I reached home and only woke up at night. Ha ha ha. Thank God it wasn't a working day for me!

Also, I finally convinced her to start a youtube channel since she loves singing to death. Will y'all be nice enough to head over to listen/like/comment/subscribe pretty please! :)
Thank you in advance!
Till next time xx
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