Timmy's 21st

Thursday, March 7, 2013
Finally found my missing cable, yay! I have so much to blog about I don't even know where to start?!

There are some pictures in my camera that I can't even remember taking at all??? But O well, shall let the pictures do the talking. It was Timmy's birthday, about a month or so ago... I really can't recall what happened and where I went that day/night, the only thing I remember is that I met up with En Qi and we were headed to Embassy.
En Qi

*Slowly recalling bits & pieces from that day*
With Timmy,
& when the clock struck 12, he was called on stage!
Timmy going strong for 21 seconds! 
*Everything that happened after that is still a mystery... Hahahaha...*
Happy 21st again, Timmy. 
Albeit a little too late, but I hope you enjoyed yourself that night. You're an adult now, stop acting like a little kid already! Hahaha. 
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