April 2013

Tuesday, April 30, 2013
Can't believe it's been slighty over a month since I last blogged & it's already the end of April! I've been so busy, I know, what's new?

About a week ago, it was Allan's sister's baby's full month. Which reminds me, I've so many birthday's/ events I've yet to blog about! Oh God...

She is so freakin' tiny & adorbs. I can't even...
I love babies sm!!! 

So cute so cute so cute!!! And just fyi, she's the tiniest baby I've met thus far. 

Accompanied A to run some errands before he sent me over to Golden mile to look for the girls!
Did I mention that both of us happened to be coincidentally wearing the exact same prints that day?! It was such a funny sight!

I was 2 hours late when I reached Golden mile and the girls kept saying I always have "rubber band" timing :(  
Have terrible punctuality issues... Ugh. I will work on it!!!

Meet T. I'm very very very thankful for this girl. And tbh, most of my friends as well. Most of them, I've known for decades & none of them has never left me no matter how temperamental I may be. I have to admit, I'm not one of the nicest or most caring people around, in fact I'm always throwing tantrums, even when I know things are my fault, but they never fail to give in to me & talk to me about things nicely. I'm can't deny how blessed I feel in this aspect. Sometimes I even think that some of my friends spoil me waaaaaayyyyyyyyy tooooo much :')

Over to T's place for mj aftermath.
The next day, was Wendy's birthday. Met up with Natty after work & we took a cab down to NSRCC together. I actually brought my DSLR along that day but as usual, I didn't take many pictures. What a waste. Sigh.
We talk every single day but I'm still not getting bored of this girl at all?! She never fails to make me laugh like a crazy girl.
Random day at work with this girl whom I've known since I was 13... :)
Dinner before work the other day with V & the other girls.

I guess this more or less pretty much sums up my April. See y'all next month!