July in a glance

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm finally back!!!

Been living without a laptop for awhile now since my old one died on me & the husband decided to get me a new macbook the other day. Yay!

Also, I finally managed to upload all the overdue pictures from the camera.






(20 July)
My granddad's birthday was the next day so we dropped by my grandparents place for dinner. My granny cooks the best food!
Happy birthday grandpa! :-)
My grandparents!

(27 July)
My relatives from Austria came to visit so we headed over to my Uncle's place for dinner. Om nom nom, non-stop good food!
Meet Picasso! A chincilla I gave to them awhile back. Glad he's being sooooo well fed there, he is so fat now!

(29 July)
What did I say about having non stop good food!??! Never ending supply really...

(30 July)
Japanese lunch with X

M came over to meet us & she brought Andrea along!

Andrea was soooo well-behaved the entire day. Went over to M's place after & played a whopping 12 hours of mahjong! My longest so farrrrrrrrrr!

It's only 11 now & I feel so sleepy already. Yawns*
Time to wash up & head to bed!

G'night all x 
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