July in a glance

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

I'm finally back!!!

Been living without a laptop for awhile now since my old one died on me & the husband decided to get me a new macbook the other day. Yay!

Also, I finally managed to upload all the overdue pictures from the camera.






(19 July)
J told me that he was bringing me out for dinner & I didn't knw where we were going so I decided to put makeup on but I felt like it was such a waste since we only went out for awhile. Hahaha, gotta make full use of my makeup, So...
Check out our hellokitty bedsheet frm my momsy :*
Idiot yawning away whilst I'm snapping photos, rolls eyes*

(20 July)
My granddad's birthday was the next day so we dropped by my grandparents place for dinner. My granny cooks the best food!
Happy birthday grandpa! :-)
Was in a rush that day so my makeup looks abit errrrrr... JUST LOOK AT MY EYEBROWS *Stabs self* Also, maybe becos I did not have any foundation on #Excuses
My grandparents!
My side of the family (Missing out my older brother & his gf) , with the already cut up cake. Ha ha ha!

(21 July)
Can't remember what exactly we did that day, all I recall was that J & I brought my younger brother out for dinner. OH AND THIS WAS THE DAY HE GOT ME MY NEW MACBOOK!!! ^^V

(27 July)
My relatives from Austria came to visit so we headed over to my Uncle's place for dinner. Om nom nom, non-stop good food!
Meet Picasso! A chincilla I gave to them awhile back. Glad he's being sooooo well fed there, he is so fat now!

(29 July)
J's company's soft launch;
What did I say about having non stop good food!??! Never ending supply really...
J ^^

(30 July)
Japanese lunch with X

M came over to meet us & she brought Andrea along!

Andrea was soooo well-behaved the entire day. Went over to M's place after & played a whopping 12 hours of mahjong! My longest so farrrrrrrrrr!

It's only 11 now & I feel so sleepy already. Yawns*
Time to wash up & head to bed!

G'night all x 
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