Friday, August 30, 2013
all of a sudden,
I felt really tired.
Like the world had drained me
for everything that 
I had.


Wednesday, August 14, 2013
West coast park; 8/8
Simple pleasures.

Mundane Thursday

Thursday, August 8, 2013
Woke up from a text from X asking me to play mahjong in the morning. Earliest I've ever played! 
What's wrong with my friends?! MJ-ing literally 24/7 

 She came to pick me & we went for our game together! 
Was starving after that...  

Decided to settle for Pizza Hut
X's Aglio olio which was utterly disappointing
Our fav hawaiian pizza! 
X's recommendation: Sweet & Spicy drumlets
My bitchin' partner & favourite ladyboy
Thank you for always fetching me & sending me home everytime we meet... even though you always complain I'm sucha pain in the ass. Hehe!

/All photos in this post are from my Note 2 & her Iphone 5

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
I suppose, I am happy.
Like when I'm with my friends,
throwing my head back & covering my mouth
as I shake with laughter
at a joke someone made

But then day turns to night
and my carefree grin turns into an unexplainable sadness,
etched on my face like a tattoo.
And I lay in bed,
thinking about all the things I wish I could say
-- All the things I'm too afraid to admit,
even with only pen and paper and mind.

It's times like this that I realise:
I am many things.
I am happy & sad,
outgoing & shy,
rambunctious & quiet.

But mostly,
I am just... e m p ty.