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Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Gna be sharing with y'all about my new hair sponsor today!


This was my hair before anything was done...
Felt really guilty as I was late for my appointment & they had to stay all the way up till 11:30PM just to get my hair done! (Their usual closing hours is @ 9PM fyi)

I told him I wanted to have rainbow colours on my hair, but didn't want it to be too obvious as well.
& this was what he came up with! :)
The colours are mostly visible only when I tie up my hair so it's not too obvious!
Jonal also gave me a treatment to do a review on but I'm currently still trying it out so more on that another time!

Also, they're currently having a promotion for first timers at the salon!
If you're heading down, remember to book an appointment in advance & quote my name for a 5% discount off any service!

Forever Yours Hair Couture
150 Orchard Road Road 
Orchard Plaza #02-31
Singapore 238841
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