Pregnancy woes & update

Sunday, October 20, 2013
*Please note that this is gonna be a really boring post of me whining & ranting away*

Recently I've been feeling really really whiney, insecure & upset, mainly becos of the changes happening on my body. If most of you don't already know, I'm currently almost 8 months pregnant. To me, my tummy is alr pretty big but I've no idea why many still can't tell. Most of my friends tell me it just looks like I've grown slightly chubbier :O

It never occured to me that I'd ever have stretchmarks having my first baby, since most of my friends do not have em' & I've been religiously putting on my stretchmark cream 2-3 times a day since I first found out about my pregnancy. It may seem like I'm over exaggerating to most people but I was literally devasted when stretchmarks started showing. I really wanted to cry looking at the mirror. I've no idea if it's because of the hormone changes that I'm more sensitive to well, almost everything now. 

I'm not so worried about my weight gain because I can always work out and lose them, but stretchmarks are a huge deal to me because they will never ever go away. They will fade, but they'll always be there... :'( 

On the side note, I'm pretty excited to see the little one. PLEASE BE GOOD OK?!?! 
Not sure if you can tell what you're seeing? The first time my brother saw this he asked me if that was ginseng... Wtf.

Everyone thinks she looks like me when I was a baby, but I'm crossing my fingers hoping she gets her daddy's eyes since his are way bigger! 

& here's a little update on my tummy taken about a week or so ago.
See you soon, little one!

Ps/ Just realised this is the first post I've ever written anywhere online about my pregnancy...
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