Week 36

Friday, November 22, 2013
Really don't want to bore y'all with all my preggy posts but since she's gonna be out really soon I wanted to at least record down what I'm going through/ have gone through during this pregnancy so I can look back at it next time! So please please, bear with me! *Evil laughter*

Recently I've been feeling really really uncomfortable. I think it's cos of the huge tummy that has been causing me to be really breathless. I've also been down with rashes for the past few days and boy, IT IS SO ITCHY!!! :'( The rashes go all the way from my belly, to my chest all the way up till my neck area & it's absolutely hideous. Asked my gynae about it this morning and he said it's cos my hormones are changing plus I have really sensitive skin. Dang! Really crossing my fingers hoping it'll go away before Sunday or else I don't know how I'm gonna be at Joycie's wedding. 

I know my blog has been really boring lately, but I haven't been doing anything much. Life's been really mundane just waiting day after day for the little one to arrive. Even if I do go out, I rarely take pix now becos I refuse to have any makeup on if it's not necessary since my comlplexion is also really really terrible now. Right as I'm typing this I spot two huge ass pimples on my face. Argh, how depressing! But then agan, I know it's gonna be all worth it!!! It will be!!! 
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