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Sunday, November 17, 2013

3 times, I've been to Forever Yours Hair Couture
& I've finally decided to cancel my sponsorship with them.

Been contemplating to blog about this and putting it aside for awhile because I wasn't sure if I should or not.
But after seeing Jacinta's review {@jacjacjacinta on instagram} I decided to write this because;
(even though I don't have much readers/ am not exactly influencial)
1) It didn't only happen once or twice.
2) It didn't only happen to me.
3) What if my reader/ follower happens to go down and have that exact same experience as all of us did? Wouldn't that make me really untrustworthy & unreliable?


During my first visit, I was pretty excited since I THOUGHT I was finally going to get the hair colours I've wanted for awhile.
I went down with a friend, Shermaine, who blogs @ shiminxx.blogspot
Both of us had coincidentally wanted the same hair colour & we showed both Jonal and his stylist the picture.
This was the exact picture we showed him // Pic from Shermaine

The first thing he said when he saw the picture was, "Oh, yea, green colour"
Both me & S looked at each other, stunned.
After trying to explain the colours we wanted, he told us he didn't have the colours and he'd do it for us halfway first & we'd have to go back another time to get the rest of the colours done.
Despite being a little skeptical, we agreed & went home with both our hair half done...

On our second visit, we headed down in hopes of finally getting the colour we wanted.
And you guessed it... this is how it turned out...

Shermaine decided to get her fringe cut & she specifically told Jonal, "Below my eyebrow"
I guess her words fell on deaf ears since he cut her fringe above her eyebrows, which was not what she had wanted.

Jonal kept insisting that it looked better that way.

After Shermaine left, I had to continue to stay on because despite there being Jonal & his stylist, he absolutely refused to help with my hair even when it was getting really late. 

When my hair was done, I checked it and told them that I felt my colour was uneven.
Jonal then asked me where I was going after that, when I told him I was heading home, he put dye on my hair and told me to go home without having the dye washed off... 

I even asked him "Are you sure?"
And he told me it was alright since I was going home anyway & it didn't matter.
So yes, I went home with wet dye on my hair.

Two weeks later, we then decided to make another appointment, for both of us to get treatment & Shermaine to get her hair re-dyed again as well. 

This time, Shermaine decided on going full red head. We thought maybe our previous colour was pretty hard to get & maybe that's why it got pretty screwed up so maybe red would be an easier alternative. 

While they were mixing the dyes, we told Jonal, it looks really purple & as usual, he insisted that it was going to be red. But again...
This was what her hair colour turned out as.

To be honest, I thought the colour was pretty nice even though it wasn't what she requested for.
The treatment they did was pretty good as well as it made my hair really smooth for the next entire week. 
P/s She has since dyed her hair herself & it looks waaaaaay better than what they did for her.

I thought really long before wanting to post up all this, as I wasn't sure if others had the same experience as we did but after seeing more and more reviews I decided, I just can't keep mum about it. Their lack of basic respect & professionalism just puts me off.

Did I also mention that everytime we were there & even when he was free, he'd be watching his dramas & refusing to help his one and only staff with our hair. Also, scolding & bossing his staff around despite us and other customers being around. 

I read online about what he'd done a couple of years ago, here (it's just one of the many articles), and he told me that someone had set him up forcing him to close down his business but after what has happened to me, my friends and so many others out there... What's your say in this?
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