Bricks 'n' Cubes

Saturday, December 7, 2013
Caught Catching Fire with J the second time since he has yet to watch it.
I felt the show was pretty good, but to him it was too confusing? :O
We both preferred the first Hunger Games though.

While waiting for our movie to start, we wanted to grab a bite & chanced upon this cafe decorated entirely with LEGO! Thought it had a pretty unique & quirky concept so we decided to give it a try! 
You can order from their Ipad menu provided at every table! There're even LEGO games inside for you to play with! How cute.

Since they were a pretty newly opened cafe there wasn't much choices to choose from, so the both of us decided to settle on Mud cheesecake & Coke float.
The mud cheesecake was pretty good but the coke float was just... MEH. Their vanilla ice cream tasted sooooooo weird. I couldn't even finish half my cup :(
Here's Tiko J looking really dirty with his goatee & moustache. I really hate it but he thinks it makes him look older & manlier?! Don't y'all think it makes him look so unkempt??? No???

Anyway, if you're interested, Bricks 'n' Cubes is located at:
The Cathay 
2 Handy Road 
Singapore 229233

"Never lie to someone who trusts you..."
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