November babies

Saturday, December 7, 2013
About two weeks ago, was my 21st birthday. Many of my friends kept asking me how I was gonna celebrate it. I had so many plans at the start of this year, I even researched which hotels I was going to book & everything. Then, came along my little one. Initially I told J, we could just head out to have dinner since I didn't/couldn't do much but when it came nearer to my birthday, my hormones started getting weird & I started to get really bad rashes (due to pregnancy). I felt so horrible I didn't even want to step out of my house. My parents decided to cook me a meal instead. And God, am I thankful cos... THEY COOKED ALL MY FAV DISHES!!!
There was waaaaay much more food than this but everyone was starving so I didn't manage to capture everything.
Butter crab!!! One of my TOP fav dishes everrrrrrrr!!! If you follow me on instagram you'd already have seen this. If you haven't, follow me on instagram @xoangeline for on-the-go updates! I haven't been updating much since I haven't exactly been going out alot/ taking alot of pictures BUT rest assured I'll continue posting frequently once the little one is out. (Counting down to approx two weeks!)

Also, a couple of days after that was my younger brother's birthday & we decided to have steamboat. My younger brother is easily contented as long as there's food so it's pretty easy to satisfy him.
1/3 of the food we had that day. SUPA NOMZ!!!

Though I didn't have a huge celebration like most people on my 21st, I'm more than contented :)
Also, thank you to all those who offered to come over but I refused becos I didn't want anyone to see me in that horrible rashes-filled state. Thank you to those who wished & thank you who those who bought me presents and red packets! Tee hee ^^
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