Fitting into prenatal shorts?!

Friday, January 17, 2014
Good morning~
Her papa playing with her this morning cos she was being cranky :( 

- - - - -

Spent the entire day running errands with J & brought the little one for her weekly routine check up. 
After so many months, we finally have the time to go out on a short lunch date. 
We wanted to tryout either one of the new mookataa places at Thomson but they were both closed so we settled for Sushi Tei instead.
Had Sukiyaki, my favvvvvvv! But I don't think Sushi Tei's Sukiyaki is worth the price? 
Prefer Sukiya's handsdown. Which reminds me that I haven't been there in forever.
Before our meal, J told me "Your treat ok?"
I gladly obliged since he has always been the one paying (OOPS)

After we were done eating, he walked up to the cashier & took out his card to pay.
Puzzled, I looked at him and said "Thought you ask me to treat?"
He told me it was okay.

As we were walking out & away from the cashier, I giggled and asked him "Hehehehehe so you treat ah???"
Guess what he replied?!
"No, just now got people for show only. Now you pay me back the money"
Hahahaha, I really can't stand him sometimes.

PS/ He was obviously just joking about asking me to pay him back
Naked face. Dayummmm...
(Yes, I'm a blondie now. But no, this is not my final hair colour.)

Did I also mention that I was mad happy today cos I'm finally able to fit into my old shorts again!!! Fyeahhhhhhh! Though I'm still not back to my pre natal size & weight yet, I'm more than contented. 

- - - - -

Little A had a sudden outbreak of pimples on her face afew days ago and I was pretty worried it was some kind of bad rash, turns out that it was from my hormones since I'm feeding her full ebm. I never knew that pimples on the mother would affect the baby too?! Hoping that our pimples will disappear soon. Sigh. I guess the sad thing about pregnancy is that it changes your body so so much :(
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