Fitting into prenatal shorts?!

Friday, January 17, 2014
Good morning~

- - - - -

Naked face. Dayummmm...
(Yes, I'm a blondie now. But no, this is not my final hair colour.)

Did I also mention that I was mad happy today cos I'm finally able to fit into my old shorts again!!! Fyeahhhhhhh! Though I'm still not back to my pre natal size & weight yet, I'm more than contented. 

- - - - -

Little A had a sudden outbreak of pimples on her face afew days ago and I was pretty worried it was some kind of bad rash, turns out that it was from my hormones since I'm feeding her full ebm. I never knew that pimples on the mother would affect the baby too?! Hoping that our pimples will disappear soon. Sigh. I guess the sad thing about pregnancy is that it changes your body so so much :(
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