Drawing the line - Being too over protective?

Friday, January 24, 2014
I've been told I might be a tad over protective over my daughter.

To me, if I don't like something I won't agree to it. No matter who you are.
She is my daughter and I have the right as a parent to choose what I think is the best for her.
I'm pretty sure most parents think that way, no?

There are uncountable things that people do to my daugther or things people do when she's around that pisses me off.

For instance, tickling her while she's sleeping? 
Srsly... if you're trying to make her laugh let me remind you that she's not even a month old, she can't even control her facial muscles yet. And besides she's sleeping, why in the world would you wanna disturb her peaceful sleep?

Or touching her & even her face with your dirty hands?
Just so you know, babies are supposed to be kept clean and are way cleaner than us. Even if it is troublesome, everytime even before I touch my little one I make sure to sanitize my hands. Who knows where your hands have been to & how much germs there are on it?

When people ask me stupid questions in front of my baby like,
"Why doesn't your baby cry?"
"How come I never hear your baby cry before?"
"Is there something wrong with your baby, why she seldom cry?"

I'm not exactly the superstitious type, but after looking after the little one for almost a month I've grown to be a little more superstitious since everytime somebody says something like that she starts wailing with no known reason. Besides, does my baby have to cry everytime you're around? Why should she cry if there is nothing wrong? The one I hate the most is when people ask if there's something wrong with her. This I might agree that I'm way more sensitive since she just came out of the ICU not too long ago. I mean srsly, wtf is wrong with you? Are you hoping there's something wrong with her?

It also really annoys me when people slam the door or talk too loudly when she's around.

Is this, being too overly protective? Or is it just me?
I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Leave a comment or drop me an email to let me know how you feel about this.
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Anonymous said...

i totally understand how you feel !! its so irritating when you already tell them and they still dont listen

Anonymous said...

Whether it is a pet peeve or not people should always respect a parents wishes for their child

Anonymous said...

Only parents will understand this.

Anonymous said...

Yes! I totally agree! Damn irritated with people like this. Especially when we know they're much older than us, they shld know exactly the best way for a child. The most irritating part is, after we voice out, they still wanna argue. Is like, taking care of our child, is our responsibility, not because to make our lives easier, we choose to take the easy way out! Totally speak of how I feel!

-Mummy Wong

Anonymous said...

I am a mum too so I feel you. It's not our fault that we're too over protective of our own daughters. And it is okay to voice it out even if you don't think you should. You have the rights to do that. Others may feel offended but do let them know that you meant well. Not for yourself but also for your babygirl. Some people will think that we're too young to care and look after our kid but always follow your gut instinct and never let anyone tell you otherwise. Mothers always knows what's best for their kids.