Week 3; Day 21

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
{Apologize for the string of posts on Little A, 
but there's nothing much I can blog about since confinement has got me locked up at home. Boo hoo.}

Was alone with Little A for a couple of hours this afternoon cos my pops went out for a meeting. Thought I would be fine since it was just a couple of hours, but goodness, Little A kept clinging to me like a little koala refusing to let me let go of her. I was stuck carrying her for almost 3 hours! :(
Recently she has found a liking to cling onto me in this position
Still clinging to me...
She refuses to let me put her down else she'll start wailing away

Don't wna keep giving in to her everytime she cries but I read somewhere online it's not good to let babies cry for too long? 
Any mummies reading this know what I should do?

Also, today was the last day of my 7 day Jamu massage and I'm really upset abt it. It has been the only time I get to relax throughout the day. I highly recommend my massage lady as she has never failed to make me feel at ease, and she is super experienced & affordable. She even bought gifts for Little A since it was my last day with her! How sweet! If anyone of you are interested in doing Jamu massage, feel free to drop me an email for her number! :)
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