February Update

Thursday, February 27, 2014
Quick post before I head out with my annoying ZZ.

Apologize for the long hiatus from the cyber world!
Everytime I want to blog, either I stare at this blank space for too long thinking of how to piece my thoughts into words or Little A needs my attention. 24 hours just isn't enough.

Shall start this post with one of my fav pics of Little A,
February has been pretty kind to me except for the occasional hiccups here & there but I'm thankful everything is getting along just fine.

My phone is finally filled to the brim, with photos of Little A, and it just can't seem to connect to my macbook. Can't figure out why. I can no longer blog from my phone either. My Note 2 is just... slowly giving up on me :( Dayum, I need a new phone soon! Decided to bluetooth my photos over to the mac just so I could churn out this post.

Spent my V'day sending Little A to the Pd & dinner with X
Supa crazy day filled with so much laughter & luv with the crazy Peterrrrr 

It was momsy's birthday so we gave her a dinner treat & walked around a little.
Did I add that the restaurant we were dining in had fishes in our table?! It was like... eating on top of a fish tank, supa cutesy!
Mummy changing Little A's diapers

Little A lying on ma bo0ooobiez

And this guys, is how I play dota
With Little A sittin' on my lap & judging me
Heh heh


That's all for today folks. Gta rush out now.
Am reaaaaaalllly reallly lateeeeeeeee for my appointment.
Bye bye, till next time *waves*



Monday, February 10, 2014
"Motherhood is TOUGH. It is, in fact, the toughest thing I've ever had to do in my life. I cannot believe people talk about how painful childbirth or recovering from a C section is. THAT PART IS EASY PEASY. 
The hard part comes afterwards. Torture isn't momentary physical pain. Torture is SLOW. 
Torture is sleep deprivation over MONTHS. You think you can repay your sleep debt tomorrow? No you can't, you can't sleep when baby isn't asleep. Torture is not knowing why your little bundle of joy isn't a bundle of joy but is bawling his heart out, turning purple, and nothing you do is helping. Torture is his first fever. 
It's hard to explain how tough Motherhood is. It is especially difficult for me because I was breastfeeding but Dash doesn't want to latch, so I exclusively pump out the milk for him - every 4 hours round the clock for the first few months. 
A lot of it is also mental - fighting postnatal blues, and the fact that you can never feel relaxed because you are the main caretaker of such a fragile little being that can keel over and die any moment, even in his sleep wtf. Curse you SIDS! It is also extremely mentally distressing to be thrown into something completely new and be expected to do problem solving everyday. Suddenly I have to be the expert on which milk bottle to buy, how to sleep train, or prevent colic. 
I now have so much newfound respect for all mothers, especially stay-at-home fulltime moms. These are the people who somehow don't get respect at all. People think they must be stupid, talentless, and have no goals or aspirations in life. 
In actual fact, moms who choose to give up their careers in exchange for more precious time with their kids aren't doing it to have an easy time. They have the TOUGHEST job of all.  
No other job requires 24/7 mental dedication, has no off days, no weekends, no sick leave, and disturbs you every few hours of your sleep. 
And yet they choose to do this thankless job, choose to not wonder what else they could have achieved with their life if they weren't just "mom", choose to forsake their social life - because they understand that their kids won't be kids forever, and any time spent with them is magical, fleeting, and will never be possible again once its gone. That deserves more respect than any CEO does imho." - Quoted from XX

Can't help but to relate to this post so much.

Always knew being a mum was going to be difficult, I just never knew it'd be this tough.
Albeit tough, I know it's gonna be worth it.

Did many things I regret just to keep Little A, but having her is probably the best & only right decision I have ever made in my entire life. 

At a glance / Picture Spam : 1st CNY with Little A

Sunday, February 9, 2014
In her car seat fo' the first time 
Headin' out for reunion dinner with my family & relatives
Headin' out for reunion dinner with the in-laws
Day 1 
Absolutely loved my makeup that day, tee hee!
Bwahahaha my baby has a double chin... Fatty A!!!
Day 2
Day 3
Visitin' my relatives who came back from New Zealand just for CNY
Back to my parents place to drop Little A off before headin' out for a movie
Crossing my fingers hoping the rashes on her face gets better soon :(
Little A's satisfied milk coma face
In her stroller
Sitting on my lap smirking while farting really loudly & taking a dump at the same time
Done with her poopie and getting pissed cos I'm taking too long to clean her up
Put her sitting up & she gave me this face
"O? What are you doing to me mameeee?"

This pretty much sums up my 1st CNY with Little A. Pretty glad she was relatively well behaved throughout visiting this year. She's such a joy to be around :') 

Was scrolling through all her pictures from when she was just a newborn, till now & I can't believe my baby is growing so fast! Seemed like just yesterday she was still in my tummy kickin' me ~

Hope y'all had a great CNY,
Gong hei fatt choy everyone! 

x '