At a glance / Picture Spam : 1st CNY with Little A

Sunday, February 9, 2014
In her car seat fo' the first time 
Headin' out for reunion dinner with my family & relatives
Headin' out for reunion dinner with the in-laws
Day 1 
Absolutely loved my makeup that day, tee hee!
Bwahahaha my baby has a double chin... Fatty A!!!
Day 2
Day 3
Visitin' my relatives who came back from New Zealand just for CNY
Back to my parents place to drop Little A off before headin' out for a movie
Crossing my fingers hoping the rashes on her face gets better soon :(
Little A's satisfied milk coma face
In her stroller
Sitting on my lap smirking while farting really loudly & taking a dump at the same time
Done with her poopie and getting pissed cos I'm taking too long to clean her up
Put her sitting up & she gave me this face
"O? What are you doing to me mameeee?"

This pretty much sums up my 1st CNY with Little A. Pretty glad she was relatively well behaved throughout visiting this year. She's such a joy to be around :') 

Was scrolling through all her pictures from when she was just a newborn, till now & I can't believe my baby is growing so fast! Seemed like just yesterday she was still in my tummy kickin' me ~

Hope y'all had a great CNY,
Gong hei fatt choy everyone! 

x ' 
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