Adventures with Little A

Friday, March 21, 2014
Exhausted but I'm determine to post today lest I procrastinate again. 
Relatives came over to visit Little A today, so we decided to bring her out for a walk and to have dinner as well. 


G'morning :O
Grumpy cos she slept only at 7AM and woke up at 11-ish. 
Dayummm... Wonder who she got her sleeping habits from :/
All cleaned & washed up!
First time putting a headband on her! Tee hee! I love ittttttt!


Putting on her sweater for her cos it was pretty cold
Was such a funny sight and she kept screaming at us :(
Check out ma new bag folks! 
Great grandpapa carrying her
Dined at some Taiwan Restaurant
Great grand papa carrying her & her aunties disturbing her

Short but pretty fruitful day.
I am dead beat.

Oh, and a short video of today!

Decided to take videos of her everytime we go out and title em' Adventures with Little A, it'd be so fun to look back on when she's older! It's nth much cos I'm not good at editing vids at all so... I hope this will suffice. (If you want to see more of her vids, subscribe to my youtube channel @ Angelinezxs? I think? Or you can just search Angeline Yeh on youtube. Ty in adv!)

Gna bathe & tuck in early tnight (hopefully) cos we're bringing Little A to the pd for her routine check agn tmr!

G'night all 
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