Little A's first time taking the mrt

Saturday, March 22, 2014
Was afraid Little A would be fussy taking the mrt, but she slept throughout.
And by throughout I mean, throughout our entire trip out from 3PM-10PM -.-"'
My baby is an owl... goodness...
& As I'm typing this, she just woke up... it's 11PM now btw. I forsee another sleepless night...
Brb, have to hurry reply emails & try to pat her to sleep.


Little A is finally soundly asleep and sleeping in her own cot! Yay!
Happy cos she rarely sleeps in her own cot.


Was supposed to bring her to the pd today but realized I got the dates mixed up :/

Surprisingly, Little A was up early as well!
Anyway, for those of you who asked, this is Little A's real name.
It's pronounced as Aa-ry-anna. Like A ri a na :)
G'morning ~
She woke up when she reached the train station and fell asleep a couple of mins later...
I'm guessing she must be really tired since she didn't have much sleep last night either.
Pepper lunch! My 2nd time having it!
Grand aunt!
Sleeping really soundly...
Half awake
And back to sleep again...
Have y'all tried this before?
Callin' all durian lovers! You guys have got to try this.
I wuvvvvv it! Nomz.

Visited her other great grandparents...
She woke up for awhile here
Kiasu mum (me) non-stop snapping pics of her cos she's finally awake
She fell back asleep again right aft we stepped outta the house...
Why is my baby so lazy...


Attempting to take a shot of me carrying bb
Failed attempt 
Quite successful after afew tries, hehe! 
Love this shot, she looks so blur here :P


Little A just started whining again!
Gtg, toodles
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