Mid March Update

Monday, March 17, 2014
Been getting pretty busy of late, which well is actually a pretty good thing I guess. Busier = more buisness, right? Which also means lesser sleep... :( Oh God, I am soooo sleep deprived. The rings under my eyes are horrendous. 

Anw, pictures again... I'm getting so lazy to blog nowadays. Dayummmm...
Shall let the pictures do the talking;
Wriggling up my tummy


I don't know why, but I found this scene really funny...
Full concentration
No idea what she was looking at but she was staring so hard for a good 5 mins at least


Drooling on mummy's boob
Drooling and talking
She has started to babble and drool alot recently
& her head is pretty stable now.

Most babies can only balance their heads & flip at 3-4 months but Little A managed to do all that in her first two months! I am so proud of her :')
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Anonymous said...

ur baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

she's so adorable(:

Unknown said...

Hehe, thanks all! ^^