Nocturnal Little A

Thursday, March 20, 2014
I finally managed to find my camera charger!!! Which means clearer + more pix!!! Oh, and a new memory card too!!! Yay!!! So happy!!! :):):)

Anyway, this is Little A in the afternoon. 
Yes, she sleeps through noon and only wakes up at night.

Finally half awake at 7PM.
Why is this picture so yellow?
Okay, better now.
Little A lookin' really grumpy on her swing
Finally smiling cos I turned on the music
O, just chillin'
She's tryna talk to me here
Took lotsa videos of her today, can't wait to upload it and share it with y'all
But whenever I take out my camera she stops talking as much,
She's usually rly talkative though.
Little A usually sleeps at 8-9AM in the morning and wakes up in the evening/night. 
Anyone knows any effective way of changing a babies routine? 
From what I read online, many said that a baby would change their bodyclocks em'self. Not sure how true that is, but I really hope so. It's really tiring to play with her till the wee hours :(

Still love you even though the bags under my eyes are so huge now becos of you. Hahaha. 
Headin' out to eat with J in awhile. Have yet to have dinner & I am starving!!!

Ciao, x

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