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Sunday, March 2, 2014
Finally gave up dyeing my hair myself & dropped by Pavo the other day.
The moment I reached everyone looked at my hair and asked me what the f* happened, LOL.

It was terrible. Super patchy & uneven. Don't know why I even thought of ever bleaching & dyeing my hair all by myself. Huge mistake. Swear I'll never do it again :(

They decided to help me wash my colours off and bleached the uneven parts to even it out.
Finally all evened out! 
Tasha & Justin ^^

Couldn't decide what colour I should get soooo... Tasha decided to do the same colours back for me with a little twist & I LOVE IT!
Ash grey with purple underneath 
Love the purple. I swear it looks so much better irl!
Mad thankful that they stayed back all the way till 11PM just to get my hair done :')

If you're interested to get your hair done here,

Pavo is located at
1 Nassim Rd 

I would recommend Tasha because she's extremely helpful and meticulous in her work! 
Can't wait to go back to get my haircut. Tee hee!

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