Playdate with Qyeisha & Emma

Thursday, March 27, 2014
The initial plan was to meet up with the rest of the mummies so we could bake for Emma's 1st birthday. 
But we ended up just lookin' after the babies whilst Hui did all the baking herself. Hahaha, #failbakingsession.
Little A staring at the fan 
She was soooo fascinated by it
Ugh, the bumps on her face made me so sad
She's allergic to something I ate :(
OOooaaaaaaa faaaaaaan
Mmm? What's this? 
Go away!
Mmmmm push push
I look really weird here but it's the only photo we took that day so... O well. 
Anw, meet Mabel & Hui hui ^^

Had a really fun day with em' & I'm pretty sure Little A enjoyed herself as well since she stayed awake the entire day.
Bet she was really tired aft that since she slept through the night.
G'job bebe! Please continue to stay this way! :*

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