Vanity Trove Get, Snap, Blingo! Project Launch Party

Thursday, March 6, 2014
All prepared to head out! 
Really lovin' the purple Tasha did on my hair btw
Was invited to VT'S GSB project launch & decided to invite Belle along as my +1 for the event
Super glad that she agreed to come along with me becos... you know, I know... *smirk*

The theme for the event was modern hippie, but both of us failed terribly to dress up... ha ha ha 
Pretty VT cakeeeee!
Yay to guilt-free ice cream!
We tried the green tea soyato
Tbh I felt it smelled abit funky, tasted alright though

Walked around a little cos we were bored
& check out her terrible attempt to take an ootd for me:

Decided to take my own instead;
Still can't see shit
But anw, I was wearing these long baggy pants (not sure what you call em') & I loved it
Super comfy although it made me look quite erm... fat.


Back home to my Little A o(^.^)o
But she looks so pissed to take a photo wimme...
Sorry I was out so long bb... =(


Monthly affair
My fingers look so wrinkly here :O :O

Nails by Kai Lee
If you're interested pls contact her @ +6598463689
Pssssst... she charges only 50$ for gelish mani & pedi! 
*Price not inclusive of nail art
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Anonymous said...

you are so pretty mummy!

Unknown said...

I beg to differ, but thank you!