Saturday, April 5, 2014
Starting my blogpost with pictures of Little A, again!!! 


Headed out to Bottomslim this afternoon, but I decided not to write about it as I had a pretty unpleasant experience there. Google-d up on em' and realised the same exact thing happened to so many other people as well. Please please always rmb to check reviews online before you head down anywhr! Reviews never lie!
New Chanel boy insp phone casing c/o Exatradehub

Headed out with the family today as it was daddy's birthday!
Happy birthday daddy! :*
Little A with grandpops
Hahaha she looks so funny with her hat on
I love it!!!
My little bro who doesn't look the least bit little at all...
Settled for Manhattan Fish Market which was a bit of a disappointment... :(
Hellokitty portable charger & Chanel boy insp phone casing c/o Exatradehub
This little gem has 9000mAh! Time to say goodbye to dying batteries! I can use my phone all the time now without worrying it's gna go flat! :)
Chubby Little A
I look so awkward here :(
Look at Little A's face btw! Bwahahaha
Can you guess how old my papa is this year?
Mushroom soup! NOMZ
Fish & chips!
Korkor // Little A // Alicia
Check out my bro's face 
Hahahaha epic
Pap's pathetic Salmon... It's so small... 
Doesn't look like the photo in the menu at all...
Le sigh... Marketing gimmicks... *shakes head*
Her hair is finally flat thanks to the hat!!! Yayyyyyy! But she looks kinda boyish with flat hair tho... Hmmm...

I doubt anyone can keep up with you 
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