5 Ways To A Successful Relationship

Wednesday, April 23, 2014
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This post is based entirely on my own personal thoughts. To each his own. You may have different views. I do not claim to be an expert in relationships, in fact I've made tons of mistakes myself. There are times I've expected too much, been too dependant, been too suspicious or sensitive over things & had the same tiff for the umpteenth time. There were times I didn't even know what we were fighting about. To put it simply, relationships are not easy. It'll not always be rainbows & butterflies. 


Here are my opinions on 5 Ways To A Successful Relationship:

"Courage means to keep working in a relationship, to continue seeking solutions to difficult problems, and to stay focused during stressful periods."

This is something I can't help but to stress. Trust. Trust is the most fundamental value in a relationship.

Trust is the key to any relationship because without it you cannot have the confidence to share your feelings, memories, emotions, and yourself with someone else. It involves a degree of vulnerability as you share personal details of your life with your partner and it’s deepened and validated when you adhere to the boundaries of the relationship. When you extend your trust to someone else you have no doubt in your mind about the honesty of the person.
 Trust is so important is that without it, a relationship cannot survive. Cheating and lying can break it and in turn can create problems. If it is not restored the relationship will lead to stress, anxiety, reduced intimacy, and can potentially dissolve the relationship. Trust is the foundation of a relationship. If you cannot trust then how can you love? Without love no one can extend their heart fully. A relationship begins with trust and it is the building blocks to a long-lasting relationship.


"The more connections you and your lover make, not just between your bodies, but between your minds, your hearts, and your souls, the more you will strengthen the fabric of your relationship, and the more real moments you will experience together."

Communication is another principle you definitely need to have in a relationship. Constant & consistent communication. Don't be afraid to voice out your opinions & say what you want. If you don't say, who is ever going to know? Tell your feelings; sadness, happiness, anger, anything. Express yourself. If there is something bothering you, learn to speak up. Bottling up feelings will only worsen things between the both of you overtime.


"It is not our purpose to become each other; it is to recognise each other, to learn to see the other and honor him for what he is." 

Compromise is an inherent part of a relationship. You will have to sacrifice for it to work. If you want to have your way all the time, stay solo. It's all about finding a healthy balance. Both people in a relationship must understand the necessity of compromise and sacrifice in a relationship to make it work.

Remember, a good relationship is always built on compromise and a great deal of give & take from both parties.

Forgive & forget.
All couples have their fair share of ups & downs. If your partner has hurt you and even if things are changed between the both of you, it's best to forgive him. Forgiving and forgetting is the key to a better relationship.

A relationship requires a lot of work and commitment. 

Commitment is a relationship is the act of giving yourself, in whole, to the other person and the relationship. Staying faithful to the other person, being there whenever the other person needs you and putting up with the other person, no matter what happens.

Commitment cannot be a single minded decision, with one partner issuing all the rules and conformities, it has to be a mutual agreement of needs and requirements in a future you want to share together, with commitment levels you present to each other open to compromise and discussion. 

"You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity."

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