Little A's 1st trip to the baby spa

Thursday, April 24, 2014
Brought Little A to the baby spa some time last week.
Decided against bringing her to the pool because of the chlorine, shall wait till she's slightly older. 
My fatty baby enjoying her massage
Just chillin'
Finally into the mini pool
Bwahahaha, her reaction was so funny! Should've video-ed it down, what a waste!
The staff teaching Little A how to swim
Little A was pretty stoned throughout, she didn't exactly swim much
Just floatin' around
Gettin' bored
I love lookin' at her frm the glass panel
Just check out her lotus thighs
She kept standin' around
Maybe cos she's not used to it?
And... we're done!


I didn't like that when I was standing in front of Little A and there were ppl standing outside, the staff just turned Little A to face out at people who were looking. I felt really uncomfortable with that, she's there to enjoy herself, not an animal in the zoo. 

Price wise I felt that it was abit steep? $55 for 20-30mins.

Overall I thought it was just an okay experience, not good or bad.
I'd rate em' 2.5/5.

If you ask if I'd bring her back there again, probably not. Might try other outlets though.

If you're interested, the outlet I went to was at:
Singapore 238839
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