Thursday, April 17, 2014
She has made the darkness in my heart light up brighter than I ever thought possible. She gives me a reason to live and try harder each & every day. I cannot thank our Lord enough for blessing me with her. And as blessings come, so do disappointments. There are trials & rewards throughout everyone's life. She has helped me through the most difficult times of my life. I can only pray she will allow me to be there for hers in time to come. X


Talkative bebe
Comparing Little A to my hellokitty
She's catching up so fast!
All pictures from last Wednesday. 
Oh, how much has changed within a year. Wednesday's used to be hittin' the clubs with my girls, spamming booze and dancing the night away. No doubt I miss those times, but nothing beats spending time with my little girl.


Here's a short video of Little A doing her thang ~
Teehee! Hope y'all had a great Wed night.
Toodles x
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Amelia Yeh said...

I miss herrrrr! :(