Push On

Thursday, April 17, 2014
Went for a short meeting & rushed over to our relatives place right after, some time last week.
Walked over to Jurong point to walk around and have our dinner. Decided to settle for some Chinese restaurant cos the queue at Din Tai Fung was so long! Was abit upset cos I was secretly craving for XLBS! :( But oh well, at least we managed to settle down and filled up our tummies pretty quickly. I was so famished!
Everything tasted really good! Not sure if it's cos I was starving or they just served really good dishes. Ha ha.
Min min & Little A ^^
Lookin' confused
Ended up at Fairprice, AGAIN. I've no idea why we always end up there somehow! Hahaha.
Yay! Happy Little A! :)
Little A's so lucky to have sooooooo many people doting on her :')
Waited for FIL to come fetch us & headed home.
Changed into her pjs & ready fo' bed!
She keeps biting her hand and sucking the bottom of her lips these days.
I wonder if it's becos she's teething? :O
It's days like these that make me feel like pushin' on
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