Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.

Friday, May 30, 2014
"I can't say I'm proud of my life, but I can say I'm proud that I've learned. I've learned that I can't rely on everyone. I know some things don't work out, but I know that everything that has, has been for the better. I can't guarantee I'll be able to walk around with a smile, but I know where I've been & where I'm going. I know who I am and who my friends are. I've had some tough stuff thrown at me, but I've gotten by."


Thursday, May 29, 2014
Woke up at 8AM to use the bathroom and wash up and came back to Little A peeping out the door like this:
Good mornin' bebe!
Was so surprised to see her up so early!
She rarely, or I should say almost never wakes up so early!
Recently she has also started to rely on sucking her thumb to sleep
Sometimes, she would wake up and cry, trying to look for her thumb
It's really quite funny
Decided to put her in her jumperoo
I'm so glad she loves it!
Have heard of some mummies whose babies hate the jumperoo after they had already bought it and refuse to sit inside
Have a good Thursday everyone! *Blows kisses*

My head's underwater but I'm breathing fine

Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Little A was fussing the entire night before, thus I didn't get much sleep :(
Was so tired but dragged myself outta bed to meet the bff for a meeting in *will reveal the place really soon - so stay tuned k!*
Can't wait to reveal this place to y'all! It is so so pretty! He he he.


Pic from bff's phone (Also posted this on my ig!)
Swear I didn't edit anything else cept' my eyebags
I love the beauty face function!!! Omg!!!

Anw, check out my avatar hair by Black Hair Salon!
Wasn't really used to it at first but  I'm starting to love it more and more!

Remember to quote "Black Angel, Angeline" if you're heading down 
to enjoy a 10% discount off all hair services!


Headed to Hatched right after our meeting since it was nearby - Bff's treat (again)! Yay! :)
Ordered my fav egg benny & he ordered some shroom thingy
Tbh, I think their Evans Rd outlet serves waaaaay better food.

If you wanna check em' out:

267 Holland Avenue
Singapore 278989
+65 6463 0012

Opening Hours: 9AM to 11PM (Last Order: 1030PM) (Tue – Sun).

Closed on Mondays


26 Evans Road

Singapore 259367
+65 6735 0012
Opening Hours:

8AM to 5PM (Last Order: 4PM)(Sun – Mon).

8AM – 10PM (last order: 9PM)(Thurs – Sat)

Closed on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.


Headed over to the westside to pick his step brother up cos they'll be going for a movie in the evening
Had so much things to talk to the bff about. Biz/life/etc.
Bff & his step brother

Headed home to rush some work before Little A came back home so I could play with her
Missed her so much :'(
Super touched that ah gong actually came over from Telok Blangah to look after her cos we were all busy! xxx!!!
Chubby wubby!!!


Was browsing through some of my old photobooth pictures & decided to upload some of em'
When I still had colourful hair
Contemplating to cut my hair short - Ah, decisions decisions!
Btw, why is it everytime I upload pictures with white backgrounds, blogger automatically turns it orange lookin'?
Does anyone else have this problem?

Avatar Hair by Black Hair Salon

Tuesday, May 27, 2014
Headed down to Black Hair Salon last Friday to get my tresses fixed.

Raymond wanted me to wait for awhile before dyeing my hair again but I just couldn't wait as I had a couple of shoots the next day & I didn't want my hair lookin' ugly :(

Decided to go a shade darker to cover all the uneven tones from the previous colour. We decided on turquoise base with pink/violet highlights.
 Blue is super unlike me though, but I've got to say I love the highlights he gave me.
Initially I thought it looked pretty weird, but I've received pretty good comments about it so I guess alls well.
I'm still learning to embrace my new hair! 
 Nicky styling my hair fo' me
Dee Dee came down after work to meet me & get her treatment done as well.
Was so happy to see her! x


Black Hair Salon is located at:
The Bencoolen
180 Bencoolen Street

Quote "BLACKANGEL ANGELINE" to enjoy 10% discount of all hair services!

Little A's week in a glance

Monday, May 26, 2014
"Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God."
And I wake up to this face smiling at me every single day


Min min


Did a mini "shoot" for Little A for an online store
Watch out for my next few posts if you're keen on what she's wearin'




Got her a jumperoo over the weekend
Can't wait to capture her on it
Dad brought her out for an hour yesterday and came home with over a hundred dollars worth of toys
Sometimes I think her grandparents spoil her a little too much
Still love you my little fatty 


Mother's Day 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014
*Dropped my cam prior to this so some pictures are pretty blur because it can no longer focus manually*

Celebrated my first mother's day with the family over at Genki Sushi!
Pops showin' Little A the new speakers he got her
My mama :3


Wore the Arwen Dress c/o Shop Julien.

Got J to take a couple of shots for me but he doesn't know how to focus manually so these are all I've got :(
Tryna adjust my hair, not even prepared yet and he's busy snapping away 
I loved the dress! It's really really pretty! Even my mama loved it! 
These pictures really do no justice to the dress AT ALL.
Here's a pic of my hand 


Apologize for the really short, boring and pointless post but I just wanted to have some kinda keepsake for my first mother's day ever! Hehe! 



Thursday, May 22, 2014
Was invited down to TIN's office the other day and I decided to bring Little A along with me. 
Am glad afew of em' told me she was such a joy to be around! :)
Uncle Hendric & Little A
Spotted William using the Casio Exilim TR35 and we decided to camwhore with it!
Omg! I really really love the camera! It is only 12.1 MP though... :/ But still, mad love!
Zero edits done! Fresh out of the camera!
Just look at my eyebags... O well...


My camera decided to die on me a couple of days ago and boy am I tempted to get the TR35! 
Still contemplating though... 
Am not exactly willing to part with 1.5k for a 12.1MP camera :( 

Any good (and erm... cheap... hehe!) compact camera recommendations?


Stay True

Wednesday, May 21, 2014
Brought Little A out for a short catch up with le bff today

Fyi, Little A is underneath the black cloth
It was raining and I didn't want her to get wet
And yes, she can breathe in there
Ty for the Jap lunch treat :*


Am contemplating if I should cut my hair short? Yes/ no?
Ugh, so tempting!

Made an appointment to change my hair colour again,
super excited to see what Raymond has in store for me!
He never fails to surprise and delivers the best results!

Introduced Black Hair Salon to my teacher the other day as well 
and both she and her fiance loves Black too!

If you're interested to head down too, 
Black Hair Salon is located @ The Bencoolen
180 Bencoolen Str

You can call em' at 6835 9976 to make an appointment!
I promise you won't regret! 

Oh, and please remember to quote "BLACK ANGEL, ANGELINE" for 10% discount off all hair services! 


Ah Gong's 74th + Little A's 5 month update

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Can't remember what the place is called but it's quite big! I really liked the place :)
Little A nomming on her rabbit friend
Curious little bebe
Didn't manage to take pictures of the rest of the food though
But it was pretty good
Aunty Hui Hui & Little A
Our aunt's friend, aunt, and a very active Little A :)
Pondering about life

Xuan Xuan & his gf 
Little A gettin' her non-stop attention
" She was sent to rescue me, I see who I want to be, In my daughter's eyes."


Little A is turning 5 months old in another week.
So far, she has become better at expressing herself. She can now recognize when we call her name, laugh when we play with her and when we pick her up. She can also sit for approx 5-10secs by herself without assistance. She can also lift up her head really steadily now. She loves the colour red and will laugh and stare at anything that is red.

I think that's about it?
I'm really happy with her progress although some of my relatives say it's not good for babies to learn things too fast? But I'm pretty sure she has her own pace :)


Hopefully I'll have more time the next couple of days to update this space again.