Ah Gong's 74th + Little A's 5 month update

Tuesday, May 20, 2014
Can't remember what the place is called but it's quite big! I really liked the place :)
Little A nomming on her rabbit friend
Curious little bebe
Didn't manage to take pictures of the rest of the food though
But it was pretty good
Aunty Hui Hui & Little A
Our aunt's friend, aunt, and a very active Little A :)
Pondering about life

Xuan Xuan & his gf 
Little A gettin' her non-stop attention
" She was sent to rescue me, I see who I want to be, In my daughter's eyes."


Little A is turning 5 months old in another week.
So far, she has become better at expressing herself. She can now recognize when we call her name, laugh when we play with her and when we pick her up. She can also sit for approx 5-10secs by herself without assistance. She can also lift up her head really steadily now. She loves the colour red and will laugh and stare at anything that is red.

I think that's about it?
I'm really happy with her progress although some of my relatives say it's not good for babies to learn things too fast? But I'm pretty sure she has her own pace :)


Hopefully I'll have more time the next couple of days to update this space again.

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