Mother's Day 2014

Friday, May 23, 2014
*Dropped my cam prior to this so some pictures are pretty blur because it can no longer focus manually*

Celebrated my first mother's day with the family over at Genki Sushi!
Pops showin' Little A the new speakers he got her
My mama :3


Wore the Arwen Dress c/o Shop Julien.

Got J to take a couple of shots for me but he doesn't know how to focus manually so these are all I've got :(
Tryna adjust my hair, not even prepared yet and he's busy snapping away 
I loved the dress! It's really really pretty! Even my mama loved it! 
These pictures really do no justice to the dress AT ALL.
Here's a pic of my hand 


Apologize for the really short, boring and pointless post but I just wanted to have some kinda keepsake for my first mother's day ever! Hehe! 

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