Thursday, May 22, 2014
Was invited down to TIN's office the other day and I decided to bring Little A along with me. 
Am glad afew of em' told me she was such a joy to be around! :)
Uncle Hendric & Little A
Spotted William using the Casio Exilim TR35 and we decided to camwhore with it!
Omg! I really really love the camera! It is only 12.1 MP though... :/ But still, mad love!
Zero edits done! Fresh out of the camera!
Just look at my eyebags... O well...


My camera decided to die on me a couple of days ago and boy am I tempted to get the TR35! 
Still contemplating though... 
Am not exactly willing to part with 1.5k for a 12.1MP camera :( 

Any good (and erm... cheap... hehe!) compact camera recommendations?

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