Black Hair Salon

Monday, June 30, 2014
And yet again, it's the time of the month for another surprise!

Headed down to Black and as usual, I'd ask Raymond to surprise me.
This time I told him the kind of "feeling" I wanted and damn, he nailed it! AGAIN!
Frankie & Raymond bleaching the black parts of my hair
*NOTE*: As I have sensitive scalp & allergic reaction to bleach, 
Imagine the amount of work and precision that needed to be done!
Here's me with my hair all bleached!
I kinda like this colour too.
Putting on the colours

And... * V I O L A * !
Pictures does the Black Team no justice AT ALL.

I love how there're different colours on every layer, so when I part my hair differently, different colours show!
 Thank you for always being so patient with me despite all my absurd demands & giving me pretty hair! Love.
Black Hair Salon is located at:
The Bencoolen
180 Bencoolen Street

Quote "BLACK ANGEL, ANGELINE" to enjoy 10% discount off all hair services! x

Happy 6 Months, Little A!

Friday, June 27, 2014
On the 26th of June 2014, Little A turned 6 months old.
I know I've said this so many times but time really passes so fast. Way too fast.
I can still remember the first day she popped outta me.

Flutter Sleeves Denim Dress on Little A c/o
Instagram: @thelittleaffair


She had porridge for the first time and I guess I can say she LOVED it. She kept giggling and smiling to us while we were feeding her. 

So far, she has tried: Apples, Dragonfruit, Papaya, Banana, Strawberry, Kiwi & Avocado!
She can flip, crawl backwards, sit on her own for 20 secs.
She still has no teeth though :/


Waited for J to get home from work to take Little A out for a haircut.

Say hi to my mushroom head baby! *.* 
Off to have our dinner! 
Settled for The Chicken Rice Shop 
My first time dining there
 Rainbow Dessert
Don't know if it's because I was too hungry but everything tasted good! 
Didn't manage to get a picture of everything as I was busy stuffing my face into all the food. #asusual #whatsnew
Bebe drinkin' milk powder :(
Silk Rainbow Colour Crop Top // 10 SGD
Fits UK 4-8
Zip at the back for easy wearing

 Midnight Blue Spandex High Waist Shorts // 10SGD
Available in Size S & M
Size S Fits UK 4-6
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Baby's First Time Swimming (In A Public Pool) // What To Bring?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Brought Little A for her first swim outside of a tub last weekend.
I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. She was so happy!
If you're planning to bring your baby/swim, here's a checklist of what you should pack for your little one.
- Swimming Costume
- Swim Diapers 
- Spare Clothes
- Float 
- Towel 
- Nappy Bag, which should consists of your babies necessities. (Eg. Baby powder, diaper, diaper cream, etc.)
- Baby Soap/ Shampoo
- Baby food (If your baby has already started eating solids.)
- Milk ( If you're not bf-ing)
- Warm water for your baby to drink after his/her swim.
& SUNBLOCK - Please don't forget this! You don't want your baby to get sunburnt!

Have fun swimming with your little one! :)
Chantal & Jayden, Eve & Kayla, Anvia & JJ, Mel & Kai
Didn't manage to get a picture with everyone cos all of us were OTOT.
We had potluck and all the food were soooooo good?! Damn, it's time I pick up some cooking skills from em'.


Baby's First Time In A Supermarket Trolley

Last weekend.
NTUC to get some groceries for our bbq
Kiasu mummy afraid to let go of Little A though she can sit pretty sturdy by herself
Check out Little A's First Time Sittin' In a Trolley here:
Back to Gab's place 
Chillin' while the guys were preppin'
Little A takin' a selfie
Soooo sinful! *rubs tummy*