Baby's first solid/food (Avocado puree)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014
Woke up feelin' really unwell (AGAIN). My head is still spinnin' & my nose is dripping non-stop.
Ugh. Hate that I fall ill so easily. 


4th June - Day 1 with solids (Avocado Puree)
 G'morning folks!

Finally decided that it was time for Little A to start on solids last week.
I blended avocado with bm for her
New set of utensils for Little A from my mil! :)
We used an over-riped avocado for her
If you're planning to feed your baby, please do not feed the black parts to him/her!
*Please note that this is not the end product before feeding your LO*

You can check out her reaction here:

Had to mail parcels out & my mil decided to come along with Little A cos she wanted me to check some stuff out.
Little A all ready to head out!
I was trying to clip her hair but they kept falling off :(


Luce Rainbow Earring c/o Abeautip
Quote "ANGELINE" to be entitled to FREE REGISTERED POSTAGE when you order from their site! 


Went to this shop called, Tom & Stephanie, since it's just below the post office.
The shop caters to babies & toddlers, and the stuff there are really cheap?!
Little A's first time wearing glasses! Tee hee! 
She was so tired after that and we were the ones carrying her around -.-

Till next time,
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