Baby's First Time Swimming (In A Public Pool) // What To Bring?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Brought Little A for her first swim outside of a tub last weekend.
I'm pretty sure she enjoyed herself. She was so happy!
If you're planning to bring your baby/swim, here's a checklist of what you should pack for your little one.
- Swimming Costume
- Swim Diapers 
- Spare Clothes
- Float 
- Towel 
- Nappy Bag, which should consists of your babies necessities. (Eg. Baby powder, diaper, diaper cream, etc.)
- Baby Soap/ Shampoo
- Baby food (If your baby has already started eating solids.)
- Milk ( If you're not bf-ing)
- Warm water for your baby to drink after his/her swim.
& SUNBLOCK - Please don't forget this! You don't want your baby to get sunburnt!

Have fun swimming with your little one! :)
Chantal & Jayden, Eve & Kayla, Anvia & JJ, Mel & Kai
Didn't manage to get a picture with everyone cos all of us were OTOT.
We had potluck and all the food were soooooo good?! Damn, it's time I pick up some cooking skills from em'.

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