Day 2 with avocado puree / Baby's first time in a walker

Friday, June 13, 2014
Such a tiny baby taking up the whole bed leaving me curled up at a corner all the time :(
5th June - Day 2 with Avocado puree
I received a couple of emails asking me how I made the avocado puree for Little A.
It's pretty simple. You can find the recipe here -
However, I added breastmilk instead of water.
Finally putting her Jellymom premium seat sponsored by to good use.
Brought her over to May's place after her nap as it was Andrea's actual birthday!
Walked over to May's place since it was just opposite
 The girls making friends
 Little A & Andrea :)
Happy 1st birthday, Andrea! :)
Celebrated her birthday a week before, you can check out the post here:
 Little A's first time in a walker
To be honest, I'm not very fond of the whole walker idea. 
Many people think that walkers help their babies learn to walk, however that isn't true.

I quote from, "Walkers won't help your baby learn to walk. Using one too much may even delay her development slightly. Your baby needs to learn to roll, crawl, sit and to play on the floor, in order to reach her developmental milestones." 

If you're intending to buy your baby a walker, read this and give it a thought :)
Had steamboat for dinner!
I loveeeeee steamboats! Om nom nom *rubs tummy*
Meet Trevan. Such a charming young lad.
He was crawling all around the house. He's such a happy baby, super adorable! :)

Waited for J to fetch me after work, before dropping Little A off at home and heading out for supper with his friends.


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