Dumpling Festival / Dennis' & Charlynn's Wedding

Monday, June 9, 2014
As usual, every single year during Dumpling Festival or better known as 端午节, my family & relatives would all gather to pay respects to my late grandparents and have dumplings together. This year, was no different. All of us woke up at 9AM to get prepared.
Sleepy Little A - So glad she woke up on time 
Here's me without makeup - I know, I know, my eyebags are horrendous.


Dressed Little A up in a pretty yellow sleeveless dress c/o Glamourlabeaute!
I really love how the material of the dress is so light as Little A gets hot really easily.
This photo honestly does no justice to the dress at all! :(

Here's a short video of Little A in the dress,

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Headed home earlier since I had an appointment to fix my hair before headin' over to Dennis' & Charlynn's big day
Had to throw on a blazer cos' J kept complainin' that my dress was waaaaay too revealing :| 
At Black Hair Salon letting Cat work her magic on me
Initially had another hairstyle in mind, but I'm glad she changed my mind.
I loved the braids & curls she did for me!
Thank you Cat *Spam hearts*
CY & Marcus
Meet J-dragon. HAHAHA. *Inside joke*
Anneliese Low Back Skater Dress from Mode Voleur
It's available in 4 colours & selling out really fast! 
Def one of my favourite dresses thus far :)

Clutch c/o Glamourlabeaute
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