Fathers' Day 2014

Wednesday, June 18, 2014
Wanted to take Daddy out fo' dinner on Father's day but he insisted that we should stay home & he'd cook.
How could I say no to that? My papa's cooking beats any other food hands down! 
Her grandpapa feeding her 
Can you guess what fruit she ate?
Checkin' out her new toy from my bro's gf
"Hmm, what's this?"
*Scratch head*
 "Daddy is this how I'm supposed to sit on this?"
 "Mmmm, I think I like this seat."
Drumroll & applause for my pops please... Hehehe!!!
Took this while we were already eating halfway... as you can see we all love the green broccoli's better. HAHA.
Didn't manage to get a picture of everything as I was busy stuffing my face into all the food.
*Rubs tummy*


Double zip bag c/o Abeautip
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Romper from Mode Voleur

Reached home & Little A knocked out immediately
Btw, her dress is kindly sponsored by Glamourlabeaute
& it's the second time she's wearing it! One of my favourite dresses for her cos the colours are so bright and happy & the material is super suitable for the weather in SG.

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Shall end this post with a video of Little A laughing,
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