Busy Bee

Friday, July 4, 2014
Have about 40 mins before I have to leave the house for my next job so I decided to do a short post.

Unedited pictures from yesterday cos I've had no time at all! :(
Thank you for doing this with me, hehe :* 
Our outfit for the event which we were really uncomfortable in. Boo hoo.
Skirt c/o Noir Blanc Magic
Headed to Gab's place after work to wait for J to end work to come & pick us up to have dinner together
Zack photobombing us
 Settle for Ming Fa's Ba Chor Mee @ Upp Thomson
Have always loved their ba chor mee but J only finds it so-so 
Finally back home to our baby!!!
We were talking about how much we missed her and wondering what she has been doing the whole day on our way back
Papa & Baby Bear

Gotta do my makeup & rush off to work now.
Toodles ~

Have a smashing Friday all! x
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