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Wednesday, July 9, 2014
Made a trip down to The Kase @ ION Orchard a couple of days ago.

The Kase is an international brand specialised in customising fashionable smart phone & tablet casings. First launched in France, and now they're here in Singapore as well! (Yay!)

If you don't already know, I LOVE customised stuff & was absolutely thrilled to be invited down to check out the store.

When I stepped in I was surprised to be greeted with countless of UNIK phone casings
This was the part I was more excited about - Here's where all the customisation begins!

You get to choose coloured bumpers for your own customized case & they even have glossy and matt ones you can choose from!
I did a case for the husband so I chose a matt black bumper for him.
I sent the photo I wanted, to be printed on the phone casing, to their email & VIOLA! 
All I had to do was just wait!

There were so many people in the shop that day so we had to wait awhile before we could get started.
Met Ben there as well! 
My fattypie patiently waiting with me for her papa's phone casing
Printing in progress *Excited*

After about 10 mins...







I was so happy with it! 
Sent a picture of it to J (Cos he's doing his reservist right now) and he agreed that it's really nice too! :)

Oh yes, and to add, all their cases are scratch proof! 

Also met an old friend, Angelia, who happened to be working there as well.
So do lookout for her and help me say hi if you're planning to head down to customize your case too :P

The Kase is also holding an instagram contest where you stand a chance to win a phone case every week in the month of July!
The contest is open to everyone and anyone residing in Singapore and to add, you don't even have to purchase anything frm em' to enter! All you have to do is just post a picture of a phone casing you like, hashtag, tag & follow em' to stand a chance to win!


ION Orchard
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